The data gateway of the Food Security Portal contains over 12,000 datasets related to excessive price variability, COVID-19 food price monitoring, media analysis, high-frequency commodity prices, food security indicators, and others. Much of this data is available for 50 countries in the world and goes back over 50 years. We draw from the public, authoritative data sources like the World Bank, FAO, UNICEF, and others, as well as IFPRI's own data.

In order to make the data contained on the site as useful as possible, it is available to freely download as a text file for human or as a JSON API for machines. Visitors to the site are welcome to download, aggregate, mash-up, and share this information as they like. For more information on the data license and how to use this data, please visit each dataset page.

If you have any questions about the Data portal, our data collection techniques, or other related issues, please feel free to contact us ( via email.